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  • Fun and Engaging Games: these catch tail game belts provide endless entertainment for both kids and adults, and they are suitable lawn games, sports days, carnivals, camping, children's parties, and so on; Whether it's a birthday party, family reunion, or team building activity, this game can bring laughter and excitement to people involved, making them also a nice gift for neighbors, colleagues, and family.
  • Quality Material: our catching tail training equipment is mainly made of polyester, stretchable, not easy to fade, firm, and comfortable to wear, and the elastic band is approx. 1.97 inches in width, providing enough stretch and flexibility for different body shapes.
  • Multicolor Options: the set of activity belts for kids and adults is available in yellow, red, green, orange, and blue colors, adding a vibrant and exciting touch to the game; Each player can choose their preferred belt color, making it easier to track who has the tail and making the game visually appealing.
  • Easy to Use and Set up: setting up these belts for family reunion games is a breeze; Simply strap on our catch tail game belt which is ideal for waists between around 12 - 40 inches, secure it around the waist, and you're ready to play; No complicated instructions or lengthy assembly is required, and this convenient setup allows you to start the game within minutes
  • Enhance Coordination and Agility: with the game belts for carnival games, both kids and adults can engage in a fun and interactive game that challenges their coordination and agility; By wearing the belt and chasing after the tail, players develop their reflexes, balance, and spatial awareness, and encouraging active play, helping to keep kids and adults alike physically active while having a good time together
  • Set of 5.
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