Corners Championship Ring Toss

Corners Championship Ring Toss


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Actual Size: 20” x 34” , 9.6 lbs.


About this item

  • Easy to Play, Difficult to Master!
  • Can be played indoors and outdoors for endless entertainment!
  • Includes 20” x 34” game board, 9 scoring pegs, 8 durable rings, and easy-to-follow instructions.

What is CORNERS?
CORNERS is the ring toss game that brings a new level of excitement to any environment!

CORNERS Championship Ring Toss is our very own invention. It is a game that combines the fun and excitement of carnival ring toss, tic-tac-toe, and horseshoes in your backyard!

CORNERS has unlimited scoring options like three-in-a-row, canceling your opponent, and instant wins!

With each row counting as different point values, you can ring three pegs in a row to double your score or ring all four corner pegs to get a CORNERS and win INSTANTLY!

No more rigged carnival ring toss games to play, but true accuracy testing, excitement infused, one-turn winning ring toss that is bound to make any backyard, tailgate, brew pub, classroom, or campsite a place where epic games are played and memories are made! Experience the fun and excitement of CORNERS Championship Ring Toss!


  • To start the game stand 6 feet from the gameboard.
  • Each player throws four rings.
  • Total points for each player.
  • The player with the highest point total throws first.
  • Play to Exactly 21 points.
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