Giant Slingshot

Giant Slingshot


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  • High Quality: Our water balloon/snowball/t-shirt launcher is made from premium oxford cloth and 100% natural latex which is long-lasting and durable. 2 people make the support point, hold the sling handles, and lift them over the head, and 1 person pulls back the sling to launch. The tensile length is 3 times the normal state.
  • Easy to Use: 3 people cooperate to launch water balloons, snowballs, t-shirts, etc..., or you can clamp the handles to a tree, pole or something stationary & secure, then only one person is needed to launch.
  • Wide Application: The water launcher oxford bag has been improved to carry items more safely. Items will not fall off easily. Try water balloons, pumpkins, tomatoes, snowballs, launch splash balls, and T-shirts, etc.
  • Enjoy Summer Party: Distance varies based on size of object and strength of player, the maximum distance is 600 yards.
  • Prices do not include tax & additional fees.
  • Styles may vary.

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